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In absolute wilderness story of Naina and Tara.

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Author: Neeraj Pathania.

Namastay friends. It seems what we have learned in a very short period how to adapt the methods to survive in a pandemic Covid 19 era.

The people are still in a shock to recover, many are now without their dear ones who won't survive the impact.. I would love to share our side of living in the Jungle, would love to keep morale and confidence high and might help in many ways to my fellow people.

Almost six months continuously since the month of March in Jungle at "Atulya Kanchi Camp" with my wife and son and two beautiful puppies born here six months back. We all have become so used to each other that fill the atmosphere around with good vibes and the day to day routine of serving food dot on time to Naina and Tara we named them our jungle puppies. "Naina" means Beautiful eyes and "Tara" means beautiful like a star. We all have such great bonding as a family, especially the mother who is so relaxed as to know her puppies are in a good caring place.

I still remember when we arrived at our Camp in the first week of March very excited to be doing some wildlife photography enjoying our wildlife after a gap of a few months which seems to be a very long period. excitement grows as awaiting some of friends and guests are all set to visit for a wildlife adventure in Bandhavgarh National Park. but all short lived thank god all are safe and sound as we took timely decisions to inform and guide our guest to stay back as pandemic showing early affect.

All of our guests have not lost their booking as we offered them to visit in the coming season to the month of their choice and comfort, just a human human gesture. Now we have no wildlife adventures or guests, just our staff and us only off course wildlife around a regular visitor like jackals, wild boar, black faced langur monkey, blue bull and sometimes big cats from a distance.

On one cold night having dinner my son who is simply a dog lover carried Tara in his arms with warmth. I can feel it was slightly chilly and cold and Tara slightly afraid. Digvijay my son made the whole difference by his courageous and loving discovery, which made our coming days seen growing them (puppies) playing, fighting,crying for mummy much more which always engage us. In this whole thing one day mom left them as might be carrying babies again and then we all waited and looked all possible ways to spread a message around, asking villagers who were about the puppies mother but sadly no success as yet. Naina and Tara were made a sound of complaining us of no mother, we took all possible care of both of the beauties after few days spending all time with us seems ok and getting out of memories which is very painful now they are slight grown up and get use to of us which a worry for us, we have to look for somebody who look after them well once we are not at our Camp. Arti is very particular about their diet,She is a very kind hearted person.

Villagers are still trying to convince me that the puppy's mother deserted them since it might be new love and area. We are in an absolute wilderness and totally safe zone and area. It is almost half past 2 after midnight and I can hear jungle owls calling. Naina and Tara fast sleep next to my bed to their demarcated area. We are so blessed having them. I will continue with my experiences in spending time in absolute wilderness in our Camp Atulya Kanchi Camp Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India.Best wishes Neeraj Pathania.

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