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The Camp has been designed on ancient philosophy of unifying and balancing wildlife and nature,inside and around the resort. The contemporary modest architecture and interiors blend seamlessly with the Jungle. Atulya Kanchi Camp is situated in absolute wilderness as one of the finest Eco resort in the Bandhvagarh National Park, You will never forget the memorable experience and stories of your host.

In-between game drives explore forest trails, which lead into thicker jungle and to traditional tribal villages.When the sunsets wandering Chital Deer, Wild Boar and Jackals, are attracted into the peaceful grounds and the well-established fruit trees attract many resident birds. While nearby the Indian Wolf and Wild Dog have been spotted. As we sip a pre-dinner drink, the evening chorus of the Mottled Wood Owl in the branches of the Sal trees and packs of communicating Jackals begins.

Kanchi’s Kitchen by Arti a passionate designer who loves variety of food with taste and blend of different Indian states. Organic farm fresh straight from kitchen to the guest table. A food serve with love and passion.bits all our efforts and learning One of the fine dine in of Bandhavgarh. All meals well planned in a manner to cater different varieties for longer stay with us. Suits to the harder day routine no Delhi belly.

Game Drives

Two game drives into the Tiger Reserve each day. You enter the park by the nearby quite Maghdi, Tala and Khitoli Gate.

You are escorted by local naturalist guides and drivers who know the forest intimately.
We enter the park before sunrise using; initially we will be looking for signs of Tiger movement, pugmarks listening for the alarm calls of Langur monkeys, Chital and Sambar Deer.

After lunch we re-enter the park by jeep looking for wildlife and Tigers. Just before sunset predator activity increases and Tigers, Leopards and Sloth Bears may be spotted.In-between game drives explore forest trails, which lead into thicker jungle and to traditional tribal villages.
Chances to see some of the antelopes or other wildlife around the resort which is quite common.

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Game Drives / Jeep Safari

Bandhavgarh National Park, India

One of the finest National Park in the world for Tigers in the wild and many more amazing species of birds and other animals. Historic and scenic with many stories of the Jungle their Maharaja’s 

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Atulya Kanchi Camp
Atulya Kanchi Camp, Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve is conveniently situated near major airports: Daily flights from Delhi , Mumbai for  Jabalpur (190 km drive to us ) flights from delhi , Varanasi for Khajuraho (220 km drive to us) Khajuraho a world heritage site.

Distance to Atulya Kanchi Camp.

Umaria :     22 Kms (approx.1 hour)

Katni :        72 Kms (approx.2 hours)

Jabalpur :   199 Kms (approx.4 hours)

Khajurao :  260 Kms (approx.5 hours)

Varanasi :   455 Kms (approx.9 hours)

TRAIN: Nearest station is Umaria 22 kmrs Overnight trains from Delhi for Katni Murwara station all major trains arrive and depart from Katni is 72 kmrs from Bandhavgarh Atulya Kanchi Camp.